YUGA An Anatomy of our Fate

YUGA An Anatomy of our Fate

Book Description
Release Date: March 4, 2005
Yuga, describes five cases – the cases in time, as United, the mutation of the machines at the end of nature, and the prison of unreality. Taken together, the historical destiny of humanity and is the author believes, one-way tickets. And society urban-industrial-commercial-vehicle-technology, pharmaceutical, electronic-information-audience layman who have produced the human world has torn apart. . . . The book is compelling, but readers who find it disturbing disregard invincible happiness behind every line. When we wake up from our modern nightmare – that sooner or later all of us – this book will help us to remember what was the nightmare. In yuga eternal wisdom has found a new voice and Clarion. Vocabulary glass and poetic narrative, combined with the exhaustive search and playfully eclectic, surprising diversity of its sources and references, and even the content unique is a radical. Equally at home with the Diamond Sutra and the Grundrisse of Karl Marx, and a careful student of the magazine shows supermarket cases, the author presents his book happily as a provocation rather than as an argument. But the commander reach yuga, which is neither in their arguments, “or his style, it is her voice. The voice speaks so clearly from the heart of the author, we hear echoes in our hearts as well. The last pages Yuga is the celebration of joy and love, and the discerning reader to discover these qualities that are hidden between the lines in the pages of the book to remind you, Marty Glass, a spokesman for the truth behind all the wisdom traditions of the world behind the world of appearances -. . samsara, Maya, and the shadows of Plato’s cave – it is the uncreated light, Reality, which is the eternal bliss That really speaks to people in the darkest of times, and his grace, never falters Nobody needs to be completely enslaved trend to the bottom of the story’s dream takes place, and we really love …. if we’re dreaming awake to the fact that there are those who are, together, the Dreamer The immortal message of the yuga is the message of the tradition, Sophia Perennis -. Huston Smith, author of World Religions, etc. For ‘


YUGA is an insightful, profound, compassionate, and yes, verbose meditation on life, culture, and what really matters in
this world. As Mr. Glass points out in the TOC, it is not written to put forth an argument, and its unique style and tone must be taken into account to give it a fair reading. So, I strongly disagree with the previous reviewer, and it is clear to me that he did not approach YUGA in the manner and spirit in which it is intended. If you question the reality of most of what passes for modern life, if you have a nagging intuition that something has gone very wrong in our world, if the shallowness and hollowness of everyday existence seem insufferable at times, then read this book to understand the problem and a possible solution. You will feel relieved to meet someone else who ‘gets it’ and won’t try to rip you off, either in the material or spiritual sense. Truly a unique and special book, don’t miss it.

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