Human Anatomy Marieb 5th Edition

Human Anatomy Marieb 5th Edition

Book Description
Human Anatomy Marieb  Fifth Edition is based on clear explanations of the best-selling fourth edition with an art and a vastly improved picture and an extensive program of clinical coverage. Proven to help establish an appropriate framework for understanding how anatomical structure relates to function, texts, engaging descriptions now benefit from new and incredibly realistic bone art from more than 80 new characters, as well as all new muscle art gallery . Select cadaver photos and photomicrographs have been updated with pictures to make learning easier.Now Newer Edition. Human Body: An Orientation Cells: The units, the basic embryology, tissues, integumentary, bones and skeletal tissues, Bones, Part I: axial skeleton, bones, Part II: The appendicular skeleton, joints, skeletal muscle tissue, muscle , the bases of the nervous system and nerve tissue, central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, autonomic nervous system and visceral sensory neurons, the special senses, blood, heart and heart muscle tissue, blood vessels, the lymphatic system and immune system , respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, reproductive system, the Endocrine System For all readers interested in human anatomy and to understand the anatomy and everything works.

He authors of this book have chosen to present human anatomy in the traditional way “systems” (nervous, respiratory, etc.) instead of interacting sections (upper chest, legs, etc..) Complex systems (eg nervous system ) is divided into chapters and some organs (heart, blood vessels) are also given them a separate chapter. All in all, the book was well organized and conducted studies easily.

The book begins with an introduction of body orientation, these terms are doctors and nurses to describe locations of disease and pain in relation to certain parts of the body. The second chapter is a lively excursion through the cell structure. The third chapter is an introduction to embryology fascinating, and the fourth chapter focuses on tissues. Chapters 5-25 actual anatomy systems chapters.

The text simplifies many concepts and biological pathways with color charts, tables and figures. Diseases and conditions are attractive throughout each chapter, making the dry text more interesting, because they tend to put together different pieces of knowledge from a particular chapter.

I found the chapter on the lymphatic system and the immune system to be a bit ‘thin, but since much of the anatomy of these systems are covered in other chapters, it is perhaps understandable. Also, I’m not sure why there would be a chapter on the exocrine system (s).

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