Atlas of Human Anatomy Netter 4th Edition

Atlas of Human Anatomy Netter 4th Edition
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Discover the art of medicine, this thoroughly revised edition of this classic Netter and powerful new electronic packages related, and now Newer Edition
Frank Netter atlas collects his paintings of every imaginable human body part, seen in various degrees of dissection, into one volume. Dr. Netter talent for reproducing the facts of anatomy is exquisite and unquestionable. But as you look a little ‘deeper, it becomes clear that Netter is in fact a guru of function as well. Nerves, outlined in a yellow supernatural finish that actually innervate the muscles. Tendon inclusions are always in the right side of the bony ridges, and the fiber direction is always carefully detailed. An unusual functional abnormalities, such as sympathetic nerve function Vidian Double / parasympathetic, or effect on the pulley trochlear nerve, are always carefully observed. Netter also excels in variation, presenting, for example, 11 normal variants of the cystic and hepatic ducts.
The options are few and defects. Pernkopf is often cited as Netter’s main rival, his experimentation on living persons incarcerated in Nazi concentration camps forbids me to read his text, on ethical grounds. Grant Atlas is ridiculously inadequate by comparison, both the number and quality of the dishes. And Gray, the old standby, simply can not be measured, Netter of bold colors and functional depictions are clearly superior.
Rohen and Yokocho, a photographic atlas, offers the advantage of being photographs of superb dissections, and therefore more similar to what one encounters in the anatomy laboratory. Some find it helpful as a supplement to Netter Atlas is. I also used Moore’s textbook of anatomy, plates, from Grant’s atlas, are not so good, but the text can be used to expand and illuminate on the relevant Netter plates, and the text is well written and clear. I found it necessary to read a little ‘of what I was seeing, the night before an anatomy lab.

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