Anatomy & Physiology Patton 7th Edition

Anatomy & Physiology Patton 7th Edition

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This A & P Textbook features color illustrations and a conversation of writing. The textbook focuses on the concepts rather than descriptions to help dig the first information. Together with a focus on issues knots structure and function and homeostasis, Thibodeau and Patton facilitate the understanding of the material difficult to accurate, consistent and non-intimidating statements that are free of unnecessary and irrelevant information terminology. You can also connect with the genome of a series of textbooks electronic resources, including access to the Form 24-A & P online course, an electronic coloring book, online tutoring, and more.

* Unique! Body systems that are divided into separate chapters on anatomy and physiology to improve understanding.

* Unique! A key to the wide color book combines the art of uniform color for the cell structure and chemistry, and so on.

* Unique! Use unifying themes, the general framework and the sections of the life cycle to help dig to see the link in the body system and how their structure and function changes with respect to al and Development.

* Unique! The clear picture of Germany-The Human Body Opening inserts undermines the ability to scale up a stock body and sees a virtual dissection of the human body, male and female with different levels of body AV.

* Quick check questions reinforce learning with review content of most chapters.

* Detailed my end of the overview chapter summarizes important information about who will help dig Organize your studies.

* Both the critical thinking and content of each chapter review questions help to dig to find out how well the learning of key concepts, while challenging your reasoning skills.

* Online tutoring is available through the website where you Evolve Hakan questions Mejlà expert instructors P & A assignments and receive feedback before På land

* The site includes Evolve Body Spectrum Electronic Coloring In addition to being sworn in case studies and Quick Check Questions, FAQs, post-test questions, a glossary, audio attachments, and Web links online.

* The Brief Atlas of the human body contains more than 100 additional images of all aspects of the human body-including surface anatomy, anatomy, scanning, radiology, histology and slides.

* There is a short guide to the language in which science and medicine for instructions on how to learn, dissect and use scientific terms, in order to improve the efficiency of reading.


Anatomy and Physiology by Kevin T. Patton, PhD and Gary A. Thibodeau Ph.D. is well written, clear and concise. It has some pictures bra and is very accurate. This is a great book for anyone Gar-ii health to keep the reference SOM forever.

I am a student in the first year and this is the best book I’ve bought so far. It ‘very useful and related to my course, which contains all the necessary information. In addition to his writings and images, including diagrams contributing to a learning easier. I highly recommend this book to medical students!

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